Arson Training

If you saw smoke today around Mitchell and Vine, no need to worry. Our department was conducting an Arson Investigation class. This class allows our fire inspectors to understand the flow path of fire and understand how, why, and where it started. This knowledge is vital for determining if a fire is arson or not. These inspectors/investigators are trained to rebuild the fire scene and search for signs of foul play. Even if a fire is not deemed arson these skills allow us to find the source of a fire. This training was also a multiagency training including Norwood Professional Firefighters and St. Bernard Fire Department.

Live Burn Training

This past week St. Bernard Firefighters took part in a multi-agency training at the Cincinnati Fire Department training center. Alongside firefighters from Montgomery and Madeira/ Indian Hill, firefighters took part in multiple evolution’s including a residential structure fire and an apartment fire. St. Bernard firefighters fought through the bitter cold and the overnight ice storm to complete their mission. These training’s are imperative to building the best fire department that we can.