Home Inspections

  • St. Bernard firefighters preform annual home inspections for our residents.
  • These inspections are at the request of the resident. Firefighters will inspect certain aspects of your home and provide life saving tips.
  • To schedule an inspection contact the officer on duty at 513-242-9555.


Smoke Detector Install

  • Any resident of St. Bernard is eligible to receive smoke detector installs.
  • Firefighters will come to your residence with detectors and tools, and install new detectors with no charge.
  • One detector can be installed on each floor that has a living area.
  • To schedule an install contact the officer on duty at 513-242-9555.


Residential Lock Box

  • St. Bernard Fire Department recently incorporated a residential Lock Box program.
  • Lock Boxes are secured devices used to hold keys of residents in case of emergency. This allows firefighters quick access into your residence without having to use any kind of forcible entry. These are great for residents who fall often or cannot get up.
  • Lock Boxes are $30 (one time fee) and can be installed on the door frame of your residence or hang over your door. Firefighters will install these with no charge after rental of the box.
  • St. Bernard Fire Department is the only entity that has a key to these boxes, so rest easy knowing that no one else will have access.
  • For information on these boxes contact Firefighter Christine Pasley at 513-242-9555.


Car Seat Install

  • St. Bernard Fire Department has a certified car seat technician available to install child and infant car seats.
  • We understand that a child’s safety is the #1 priority to all parents. Our residents and their families are the #1 priority for us.
  • This is a great program if you are unsure of how to install a car seat or are unsure if you installed it right.
  • For more information contact Firefighter Joe Meister 513-242-9555.

CPR/ First Aid Training

  • St Bernard Fire Department offers classes to its residents throughout the year which include First Aid and CPR.
  • These classes are instructed by one of St. Bernard’s firefighters.
  • These classes are posted online and you can be signed up by simply calling the firehouse.
  • For more information contact the officer on duty. 513-242-9555.